Steep skiing accessible with skis or mountaineering

For a lot of skiers, the Alps are a fantastic playground with huge potential for fun, but for some, it is more than that, it is a place where they can put into practice their dreams of extreme sporting feats. For many years, the Alps have witnessed the incredible accomplishments of extreme sporting pioneers such as Sylvain Saudan, Pierre Tardivel, Anselme Baud, Patrick Vallençant to name just a few, skiing down numerous steep lines and always pushing the limits further. Today, we offer you the opportunity of following in the steps of these pioneers, guiding you down major itineraries that made the Alps the cradle of this philosophy.

Main information

Slope stiffness: 45-50°
Run length: 750 to 3000m
Group size
2 to 4p.
Season: march to june
Terrain: Glacier, alpine

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Mont Blanc massif
  • Max group size1 to 2 persons

  • Couloir des Marbrées
    South couloir of pointe Helbronner
    South face of Aiguille d'Entrèves

Mont Blanc massif
  • Max group size1 to 2 persons

  • East face of Aiguille du Tacul
    Glacier des Capucins at Aiguille du Tacul
    North face of Aiguille de la Noire
    Col des Cristaux

Mont Blanc massif
  • Max group size1 to 2 persons

  • Couloir en Y at aiguille d'Argentière
    West couloir of Peclerey
    Couloir Caché at the Tour Ronde
    Couloir Gervasutti at the Tour Ronde
    Couloir Trappier


There are dreams you have to work for!  Here is a selection of awesome steep lines we offer to take you down. The access to these couloirs requires the use of skins and often requires a certain knowledge of mountaineering and excellent fitness levels in order to stay within the time schedule and be capable of staying focused all the way up and especially all the way down!

  • Couloir Whymper at Aiguille Verte
  • North East face of Courtes
  • South face of Dent du Géant
  • Col du Tour Noir, north face + south face of grande Lui
  • Couloir Barbey at Aiguille d'Argentière
  • South face of col des Courtes
  • Couloir Angélique
  • Couloir du diable

Ask for prices
Only for fit, advanced skiers with a solid technique and good experience skiing steeps. The following itineraries are classified as very steep or extreme and are exclusive offers! Because these heliskiing itineraries require stable snow conditions, you will either need to be flexible enough to make a last minute decision, or organised enough to plan a trip that takes into account bad weather days so you can make the most of the perfect windows!

The price includes:

  • Guiding with a fully qualified mountain guide
  • The rental of personal safety equipment (harness, shovel, probe, DVA) and collective equipment(Radio, Pharmacy).
  • A 65% discount on the retu price for car jouey through the Mont-Blanc tunnel.

The price does not include:

  • All the fees for transporting people and equipment
  • Food and board
  • Accomodation
  • The rental of an ABS rucksack (mandatory, 20€/pers)
  • Ski passes which are not previously planned in the organisation of the day
  • Anything which does not figure in the “price includes” section.

Contact & booking directly at +33 (0)6 07 33 93 81